Apr 17 2012

colorful art journal pages

my last slew of journal pages…

we’ve been scrambling these past several days trying to get our old house cleaned out and up.
we have some people who seem very interested.
they will get the appraisal back on wed. and might put in an offer!
if you think about us, we’d love your prayers.


10 thoughts on “colorful art journal pages

  1. Will keep my fingers crossed that they you sell it. Been there and done that many times and it is such a relief when you finally sign those papers! Just don’t give in to unreasonable things…some people think they can ask and receive anything they want just because they are buying your house…stick to your guns..if they want the house, they’ll buy it! Good Luck!! Awesome journal pages…working on letting go and actually just being free in mine…taking some time but enjoying the process!!!!

  2. House cleaning=not fun
    House selling= lots of fun

    Prayers are headed your way!! God is good. 🙂
    Your journal pages are so fun and brave, I know that I can be free in my exploration like that…now I just have to do it! 🙂

  3. Michelle…We are doing the same thing: mucking out the house in hopes that someone will come along and not be able to live without it! Glad you have someone interested. We don’t…YET!!! we have fallen in love with a house out in the country with a little bit of acreage…and less money! (that’s a plus) but we can’t have it until someone buys the one we’re in!!! I’ll pray for you! If you think of it, pray for me, too!!!

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