Apr 13 2012

bicycles, cupcakes and doodles

my latest doodle…

isn’t the reason we exercise is so that we can eat?

…okay, maybe not entirely.
but, it IS an added perk!

(maybe i’m drawing cupcakes cause i’ve decided to go off of sugar and it’s KILLING ME!)

6 thoughts on “bicycles, cupcakes and doodles

  1. Great doodles. Been doing a lot of art journaling lately but discovered that I am not sure I can get past the writing/lettering by hand part of it…I always end up painting over it and going for a stencil letter of some sort!! Isn’t it funny some of the hang ups we have…I am trying to get over this one but not convinced I can! Thanks for your posts. Lots of fun!

  2. I’m trying not to eat sugar too and it is so hard. There is sugar all over our unit at work (the nurses station, the lounge, the conference room- it’s ridiculous). You are going to make an exception right? like, for when a certain friend is visiting?

  3. Eat grapes, so you get all the natural sugar your body needs, and your body will be less craving. I think.
    Love your little cycle-dude, he´s funny 🙂

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