Apr 30 2012

art doll #2 & kitty kitty cat

does not every art doll need it’s own pet cat?

albeit a bit of a creepy cat creature it turned out to be.

made up of two candle stick holders stacked on top of each other, with the addition of little pieces of this and that.

now they’re just one big happy family.
determined to be thankful for the life that’s been given to them.
taking time to smell the flowers and just be themselves.

7 thoughts on “art doll #2 & kitty kitty cat

  1. I know people like this family!! lol They are the cutest family ever!!! Who wouldn’t love to know them!! Great job Michelle!! I can always be assured of a smile when I visit your blog!!! Have a great week!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Oh boy I love your art dolls – I have 2 by other artists now I want one of yours! but also I have been putting off making one or two but no more I have to start taking my ideas and put them into form so thank you very much

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