Apr 30 2012

art doll #2 & kitty kitty cat

does not every art doll need it’s own pet cat?

albeit a bit of a creepy cat creature it turned out to be.

made up of two candle stick holders stacked on top of each other, with the addition of little pieces of this and that.

now they’re just one big happy family.
determined to be thankful for the life that’s been given to them.
taking time to smell the flowers and just be themselves.

Apr 27 2012

stag art doll – the survivor

one art doll completed!
salvaged, envisioned, sculpted, painted, clothed and assembled.

someone recently gave me a few vintage mini dictionary pages..
when i was scanning them for meaningful words to put around the neck (sorry there is no close up picture)-
the words survivor, survival, survive and survived jumped out at me.
i knew they were perfect for this piece.

i’m really happy with how it turned out.
now to get the brother done.

material used: 
stone clay, old rice bag, old draw string, two salvaged candlestick holders, wire, tea stained cotton, faux fur & paint. 

Apr 26 2012

art dolls in the making

i’ve been hanging onto these candlestick bases for a long time,
with the idea i was going to make something out of them.
in the spirit of spring cleaning- i decided, i either do it now… or in the giveaway pile they must go!

so i took some clay and molded heads on the tops of them. (around the actual candle holder part)

i’m really excited with how each of them are coming to life.
making their own little stories as i go along. 

i hope to show you the finished pieces tomorrow!

Apr 24 2012

and the winners are…

my newest art doll

$50 shopping spree goes to Jen R.

$100 shopping spree goes to Melanie.

thank you all so much for celebrating with me and your kind words.
it was really fun reading through each one of your summer plans.

as of yet, i really don’t know what my summer plans are…
besides soccer games, work & maybe a california trip.
i better make a list!

Apr 19 2012

Close2myART giveaway!

to celebrate our new blog and thank you for making the move with me- 🙂

i’m giving away a… 

on our website Close2myArt!


there are different 3 ways you can enter (pick any or all!)

1. leave a comment on this post telling me what/if you have any summer plans.

2. share us with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment letting me know you did.

3. post our giveaway on your blog! (worth 3 entries!!) feel free to pull this image to use on your blog.
(and don’t forget to leave a comment so i know you did)

contest will close Monday, April 23rd.

there is no cash back on the shopping spree
international entries are welcome but you would be responsible for the postage


old rug dinosaur pillow

since moving into my new studio i’ve been trying to work through items i’ve been hanging onto for future projects.

you know “those things”…  you have them too. right?
this old rug was one of mine.
YEARS, i’ve been moving it from one place to another!

when jolie gave me this awesome dino screen print she did in my workshop
i knew it would be a perfect compliment to this rug i had been saving.

the juxtaposition of the dinosaur and the pink & red pillow base just makes me smile.
i also love the woven texture that the rug brings.

first, i used the fused webbing stuff to adhere the screen print to the rug.
then stitched around it with the sewing machine.
the rug was the perfect size to just fold over so i would only have to stitch three sides…
which ended up being a good thing since i broke my needle and ended up having to do that part by hand!
the one thing i would have done different would have been to put the fringe on the side instead of on the bottom.
but oh well, it’s good enough and, it’s COMPLETED!

it feels so good to get a project done!

p.s. stay tuned for a giveaway tomorrow!

Apr 18 2012

colorful hand painted stairs

i warned you that i was going to keep going on and on about my hand painted stairs!  ha!
in reality… i needed to post them here on my new blog with my watermark and the quote reference.

the stairs lead from our living quarters to my home studio above the garage…
i thought this quote by john maxwell was quite appropriate for the location, and oh-so-true!

i painted them on 3/8″mdf  and then they were installed.

we used beat up oak for the treads so it would flow nicely into the studio space where we were able to use the salvaged oak floors from the original house.

here were a few of my inspirations…
1. stencil gallery  2. color between the lines  3. claudio paillalef  4. apartment therapy  5. style files
6. french by design  7. pinterest

Apr 17 2012

colorful art journal pages

my last slew of journal pages…

we’ve been scrambling these past several days trying to get our old house cleaned out and up.
we have some people who seem very interested.
they will get the appraisal back on wed. and might put in an offer!
if you think about us, we’d love your prayers.


Apr 13 2012

bicycles, cupcakes and doodles

my latest doodle…

isn’t the reason we exercise is so that we can eat?

…okay, maybe not entirely.
but, it IS an added perk!

(maybe i’m drawing cupcakes cause i’ve decided to go off of sugar and it’s KILLING ME!)

Apr 12 2012

my new loves…

which is a fun photo sharing app for the iphone & just recently, the droid.

you can find me on instagram under close2myart just in case you’re interested. 😉

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

and my new phone!!!
yes, i finally did it.
i ditched my droid for an iphone!!!
and i’m completely LOVING it.
after 2 days i feel like i can already get around easier than i did on the droid after a year.
not to mention the camera is a hundred times bettah!
i’m a happy, happy girl.

how ’bout you…. droid or iphone? and do you instagram???



one very colorful peacock clock!

i still have more to share from artfest but in the meantime…
i wanted to show you our new peacock pendulum clock, which i’m totally loving.
did you know that the peacock is a symbol of renewal and immortality?
and that a peacock enjoys eating small poisonous snakes?
beautiful and tough. nice combo eh.

sorry, we’re currently sold out but will have more in around may 1

did you see my new blog banner?
what do you think?
be honest.

Apr 10 2012

artfest silk screening workshop

the 2nd workshop i taught at artfest was silk screening.
once again, i was blessed with a very talented group of artisans.
these were my class samples.
and following, are the wonderful creations everyone came up with:

love the bold imagery of this piece by jolie!

each person came up with their own art then made screens of their images and then proceeded to silk screen onto fabric.

regina combined things her family enjoys for her piece.
kinda like a family crest?
she posted some more pictures of her finished creation here.

kate did her friends new baby’s name.
(we all decided she should be named the godmother after all the work that went into this!)

tracie did the awesome recycle sign which goes along with her biz- radical recycks
for the first time, i had the privilege of a sweet teenager (sophia) and a darling man (ben) taking my workshop.
both of them- super fun and cute!

the thing i love about silk screening is that you can use the art again and again.
and by changing up the fabric color and ink color it completely changes up the art.
not to mention, all the cool things you can print on. 🙂

looking at all these pics is making me yearn to do some silk screening myself!
ohhhh, i wish there was more time in a day!

**again, i somehow missed taking pictures of some of you and your beautiful pieces.
if you notice your missing and have a few pictures you could send me i’d love to add them to this post.**

Apr 8 2012

the finished dolls & dudes!

this class was SO MUCH FUN!!! (well, besides our toaster ovens kicking the breaker box 30 times)
it helped that everyone in the class were artists in their own right and had NO LACK of creativity!
i wanted to take them all home with me.

i loved how people’s personalities showed through in their creations.
and as you can see, we had an abundance of personality!

thank you to everyone who took my workshop!
you were amazing. each and every one of you! SERIOUSLY AMAZING.

and i’m really sorry to do it this way, but if i’m ever going to actually get this post up…
here is a list of blog/websites of some of the gals in the class where several of them have posted more pictures of their pieces and more details about their artfest experience.
please check them out…
kt40’s blog
stephanie schleicher
kaleidoscope lane
nicci battilana
jessie starling
jill berry
miss mindy
lori carey
danielle daniel
annie hooten
an li na designs

**i know that i am missing a few people’s pieces which i can’t quite figure out how that happened. 🙁
if you notice your missing and have a few pictures you could send me i’d love to add them to this post.**

Apr 5 2012

doll & dudes artfest #2

okay so, i’m still scrambling to catch up from artfest.
and editing and sorting pictures takes a lot longer than i had anticipated.
therefore, i’m just going to show you stage 1 of my doll making workshop…

to begin with, i had a whole room full of crazy talented people!

the creativity was in abundance.

the sensational miss mindy.
when she emailed me to say she was taking my class, i was like- “for reals?”.

another intimidating albeit lovely gal in my class- author/artist Jill Berry.

i can’t wait to show you all their finished pieces.
they are AWESOME!!!

Apr 3 2012

port townsend artfest post #1

sorry about the no post yesterday.
just too much work to catch up on.
let me just start by saying- artfest was once again, AWESOME!!!

one of the highlights for me this year… was a picture-taking-excursion with friends kate daniel

and janne robberstad.

port townsend, wa is such a lovely little town.
it was like one big treasure hunt!

i’ll be back tomorrow with more!