Mar 28 2012

little dinner party & table setting

so a few weeks ago we had a few friends over for dinner.
we try to get together with these two couples about every other month, rotating houses.
this time it was my turn.
let me just say, the two other gals are AMAZING cooks.
i’m not so much.
i try. really hard.

i’ve slacked in the past, but this time…
i even set the table.

which, i still felt needed help!

please tell me.
what am i missing?
a runner? colored mats? table cloth?

for food, we went with an asian theme.
i successfully made wonton soup.
fried tofu… mediocre success
gary made stir-fry from this cookbook… amazing!
fried bananas… a little much.

in the end- thankfully it isn’t about the food. or the table setting.
it’s about getting together with friends and enjoying each others company.

and, we full hearted-ly did.

2 thoughts on “little dinner party & table setting

  1. Have you ever sculpted a blue wine decanter? Your artwork should finish the table. The table is lovely, but missing some fun! (What could it be worth if it doesn’t make everyone smile?).

  2. Your table is beautiful, I think you need candles or some kind of light to set the mood. I think candles make everyone look good and it makes people feel special.

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