sunshiny day!

we finally had a sunshiny day here in the portland area! in celebration, my mom and i took a little walk around the neighborhood with our cameras. my husband and i celebrated our 19 yr. wedding anniversary a few days ago. 19 years, oh my!!! AND we still love each other. (well, most of the time anyways) we tried out…

on my desk

i love our new allen designs line of pencil cups! and for the moment, this is my fave… it says “born to laugh” on the back. although with this dreary/exceptionally cold nw weather, i’m feeling more like crying. 2nd day of spring,  and it’s pouring rain AND 37º. i need a hot cup of tea.

weekend in a nutshell

we had sushi (seaweed salad) jess decided to make us lunch one day… her masterpiece: honey & pnut butter sandwiches, pnut butter & plantain smoothie and apple/plantain sticks. pretty cute presentation. best part? -she cleaned up the mess! lex got lot’s of homework done, including this chemistry project. i finished labeling & organizing some studio baskets. you’d laugh if you…

colorful spring air

thank you for all the feedback on my last painting! i love hearing your thoughts & opinions. a colorful and cheerful girl emerged from this next painting. the beginnings. i was a little unsure what i was doing at this point so i just kept adding paint. …that fixes everything. right? coming together. finally. and done. i’m sure some of…


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