Mar 31 2012

journal pages & artfest

just wanted to stop in and say hi and i’m still at artfest!
i had all intentions of blogging every day while here, but…

journal pages ©michelle allen 2012

i’m having WAY too much fun and i’m WAY too tired.
i’ll be back to regular postings by monday for sure.
hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mar 28 2012

little dinner party & table setting

so a few weeks ago we had a few friends over for dinner.
we try to get together with these two couples about every other month, rotating houses.
this time it was my turn.
let me just say, the two other gals are AMAZING cooks.
i’m not so much.
i try. really hard.

i’ve slacked in the past, but this time…
i even set the table.

which, i still felt needed help!

please tell me.
what am i missing?
a runner? colored mats? table cloth?

for food, we went with an asian theme.
i successfully made wonton soup.
fried tofu… mediocre success
gary made stir-fry from this cookbook… amazing!
fried bananas… a little much.

in the end- thankfully it isn’t about the food. or the table setting.
it’s about getting together with friends and enjoying each others company.

and, we full hearted-ly did.

Mar 27 2012

it’s a rainbow kinda day.

meg duerksen of whatever, and her love of rainbows has been rubbing off on me.
what would our allen designs line of clocks be without a rainbow in it anyways?

can’t forget the pot of gold. 🙂

now that my little photo shoot is over we’ll see if i have the will-power to not eat all the “gold”.
probably not.

Mar 26 2012

washi tape & pesky cords tutorial

do you have any of those items with really annoyingly long cords?
either they’re in the way or even just an eyesore.

this has been mine of late.
and finally, today i took a couple of minutes to do something about it.

i don’t need it to be very long so all i did was gather it up back & forth till it was the length i needed.
then i took a few pretty colors of washi tape and begun wrapping it around and around.
i would recommend several rotations so that the cord doesn’t end up tearing out of the tape.

ahhhhh. all better.
not just organized and clean but even fetching!
sometimes, it’s the simplest of accomplishments that make me the happiest.


doodle doodle dandy

happy sunday to you. 🙂

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.
In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
  John 16:33

Mar 24 2012

sunshiny day!

we finally had a sunshiny day here in the portland area!

in celebration, my mom and i took a little walk around the neighborhood with our cameras.

my husband and i celebrated our 19 yr. wedding anniversary a few days ago.
19 years, oh my!!!
AND we still love each other. (well, most of the time anyways)
we tried out the recommended tapas restaurant- toro bravo for dinner.
it proved to be a hoppin’ place with yummy, creative food and awesome atmosphere.

well, i’m off to make today super productive.
lot’s of artfest prep still to do.
my norwegian friend janne is coming tomorrow!
let the ART-ing begin.

Mar 21 2012

on my desk

i love our new allen designs line of pencil cups!
and for the moment, this is my fave…

it says “born to laugh” on the back.

although with this dreary/exceptionally cold nw weather, i’m feeling more like crying.
2nd day of spring,  and it’s pouring rain AND 37º.

i need a hot cup of tea.


mini moo card love

i really adore these little moo cards.
the fact that you can get a different piece of your art printed on every one of them is quite somethin’.

Moo cards allen designs qr code artist
just for fun, i added a QR code this time around.
do you use one?
have you ever scanned one?

my three favorites out of this batch.

Cat moo card artist business cards mini
they’re just so yummy.

i’ve been slowly getting ready for artfest 2012.
i can’t believe it’s only one week away.
i’m so looking forward to seeing my crazy art friends!
are you going?

Mar 19 2012

weekend in a nutshell

we had sushi (seaweed salad)

jess decided to make us lunch one day…

her masterpiece: honey & pnut butter sandwiches, pnut butter & plantain smoothie and apple/plantain sticks.
pretty cute presentation.
best part? -she cleaned up the mess!

lex got lot’s of homework done, including this chemistry project.

i finished labeling & organizing some studio baskets.

you’d laugh if you saw how many different things i tried before i ended up with these very simple, chalkboard on heavy chip board, ones!

all in all, a weekend i feel good about.

Mar 18 2012

farm fresh eggs & artsy egg cups

my friend reenie of peculiar ambitions gifted us some beautiful eggs from her farm the other day.

these little guys were even standing on their heads they were so excited!

the fabulous egg cups are by artist alison palmer.
i’d love to visit connecticut and take one of her workshops someday!
i’ve had an obsession with ceramics for as long as i can remember.
i did take some classes once.
i very quickly came to the realization that…
i should just stick to purchasing other people’s.

all this really makes me want chickens!
my husband would NEVER go for it.
i will have to settle with living vicariously through you reenie.

Mar 17 2012

what’s old, yellow & super cool?

it’s my latest find on etsy, of course.
i’ve always wanted a vintage coffee pot.
when i finally searched etsy to acquire one, this was one of the first ones to pop up.
and it’s perfectly me.
it was a “meant to be”.

and, it even works!

i plan on serving many batches of hot tea punch out of this big yellow beauty.

i’m a happy girl.

this weekend i’m DETERMINED to be productive & inspired.
i plan on running for one, since i’ve fallen off the wagon and didn’t run a SINGLE day this week.
painting for two, still many paintings to finish.
but mostly, just using my time wisely.


Mar 16 2012

green party & sour grapes!

i’m having a bit of a love/hate relationship with pinterest right now.
my love of it- awesome ideas like Pure Sugar’s SOUR GRAPES.

these are the easiest thing EVER.
a box of lime jello, washed WET grapes, toss in a plastic bag to coat them and viola-
you’re the hit of the party!

a pretty, fairly healthy and simple snack that can even be enjoyed by adults.

wasabi peas, watermelon licorice & sour grapes

in lieu of st. patrick’s day,  i was going with the theme of green.

i also tried this recipe for greek spinach dip with pita bread.
not my favorite.
but it looked pretty.

Mar 15 2012

st. patrick’s day cupcake toppers!

st. patrick’s day is already almost here!
these cute & funky st. patrick’s day cupcake toppers are ones that i previously designed for a party.
i’ve included the free downloads for them at the bottom of this post.
i haven’t quite gotten around to this years yet… not sure if it’s going to happen.

do you have any big plans/traditions for st. patty’s day 2012?

download free st. patrick’s day clover cupcake topper.
download free st. patrick’s day frog cupcake topper.

Mar 12 2012

here kitty kitty painting

not quite completed but close

part of this weekend was spent weeding through my studio, working on completing all the paintings that are half done.
the bummer is, starting again after not touching them for SO long- i end up essentially repainting the whole thing over again.

perhaps i will grow out of this rotten habit someday!?!?!?!?
PLEASE say you have experience with this and you’ve conquered it.
give me hope that the whispered words to myself of “never again” are not lost in the wind.

i also managed an 11 mile run on Saturday!
my longest run in over a year.
it feels good to be active again.
and my body seems to be holding up. yay!

Mar 7 2012

having WAY too much FUN!

another painting complete.
a bit on the hedgehog-ish side.
super love him…

but still trying to come up with a title.
anything yelling out at you?
i have a few in my mind, but i’ve not settled on any one of them yet.
words are my weakness.
as you can probably tell with my mad writing skillzzzz.

Mar 5 2012

owl pencil cup photo shoot

still working on some product pics of our new Allen Designs line of pencil cups.
deciding which ones to use is the hardest part.
curious, which one is your fave?

owl pencil #1

owl pencil #2

owl pencil #3

owl pencil #4

Pencil cups whimsical colorful teacher giftowl pencil #5

i’m still not sure…

Mar 2 2012

3 things i’m working on today…

1. i’ve started a new painting.
which i’m hoping to have completed today.
here’s a peek…

2. i’m taking pics of our fun new pencil cups so we can put them on our website and make them available to the likes of y’all. 🙂

3. i’m fighting the urge to go junking and start a cool collection like this one.
i CANNOT WAIT for garage sale season!

Mar 1 2012

colorful spring air

thank you for all the feedback on my last painting!
i love hearing your thoughts & opinions.

a colorful and cheerful girl emerged from this next painting.

the beginnings.

i was a little unsure what i was doing at this point so i just kept adding paint.
…that fixes everything. right?

coming together. finally.

and done.
i’m sure some of you will like this one better 🙂

i’m toying with the idea of trying to do a gallery show of some sort.
are any of you in galleries?
i’ve heard that they are really hard to get into, is this true?