The pendulum won’t swing, but the hands are keeping correct time:

  • Always try a new battery.
  • Be certain the silk ribbon is not obstructing the swing arm.
  • Be certain the hanger and braces are flush against the wall.
  • Angle short nail upward to hang the clock on.
  • Clock will not hang properly on a picture hook.
  • Make sure the swing arm is not hooked to the side post on back of mechanism. If so, gently push it to the left until it unhooks.
  • Make sure the mechanism is not twisted to the side.

Watch this short video to help your clock pendulum swinging again.

My clock is not keeping time:

  • Even if the pendulum is swinging, still try a new battery.
  • The time keeping and swinging are 2 separate functions. As your battery loses juice occasionally, one function will give out before the other.
  • Make sure minute and hour hand are pushed firmly down over the white plastic shaft.
  • Make sure hands are not obstructing each other. Gently pull hands apart and bend them slightly away from each other if they are obstructed.
  • Second hand could be jammed, remove second hand (may be jammed in tightly, don’t worry just pull straight out away from clock) and gently place back on.
  • If it’s still not working after troubleshooting, please contact us.

My clock hand is hanging loose:

The hands are on a tapered white plastic shaft, and most likely just need to be pushed back down firmly onto shaft. This is best accomplished by pressing down the bottom of each hand, starting with the hour hand.

*NOTE: If you push the second hand in too tightly, this can affect your time-keeping function.
*TIP: Using the wheel on the back of the mechanism is the recommended way to set the time. Using the hands, increases the chance for hands to become loose.

Watch this short demonstration on how to fix your clock’s hands.

Replacing the Mechanism:

  • To remove old mechanism, pull the second hand off, then the minute and hour hands.
  • Loosen the bolt on the front of the clock using an 11mm wrench or needle-nose pliers.
  • Pull off and discard the old mechanism.
  • Insert the new mechanism.
  • Put washer and bolt on front, tighten bolt (not too tight or can damage the mechanism) and push hour and minute hands down onto the shaft.
  • Push second hand back into the center.
  • Make sure when lining your mechanism up that the hump on the bottom of the mechanism is set so the pendulum can swing evenly on both sides of it.


Wood Clock Video
Here is a step-by-step video, demonstrating how to change out your mechanism.

Resin Clock Video
Here is a step-by-step video, demonstrating how to change out your mechanism.

If troubleshooting does not fix your clock you can contact us or purchase a new mechanism here or a replacement pendulum piece here.