Apr 8 2012

the finished dolls & dudes!

this class was SO MUCH FUN!!! (well, besides our toaster ovens kicking the breaker box 30 times)
it helped that everyone in the class were artists in their own right and had NO LACK of creativity!
i wanted to take them all home with me.

i loved how people’s personalities showed through in their creations.
and as you can see, we had an abundance of personality!

thank you to everyone who took my workshop!
you were amazing. each and every one of you! SERIOUSLY AMAZING.

and i’m really sorry to do it this way, but if i’m ever going to actually get this post up…
here is a list of blog/websites of some of the gals in the class where several of them have posted more pictures of their pieces and more details about their artfest experience.
please check them out…
kt40’s blog
stephanie schleicher
kaleidoscope lane
nicci battilana
jessie starling
jill berry
miss mindy
lori carey
danielle daniel
annie hooten
an li na designs

**i know that i am missing a few people’s pieces which i can’t quite figure out how that happened. 🙁
if you notice your missing and have a few pictures you could send me i’d love to add them to this post.**

4 thoughts on “the finished dolls & dudes!

  1. Thanks for posting all the photos of everyone’s work. It is so cool to see how we put our own spin on things. Thanks so much for the energetic, encouraging class environment. I had a lot of fun. I came home and showed my 6yr old son how to make his own too. I have a feeling this is only the beginning . . .

  2. These pictures are AMAZING!!! I cannot believe what we achieved in just ONE day! Way to go teacher-friend. It was a TOTAL pleasure to meet you and learn how to make these little clay people. I have always wanted to bring my paintings to life and now I can thanks to you! I am so grateful and I look forward to seeing you again and connecting in the years to come! Love, d xoxo

  3. Michelle, My two daughters and I made some clay creatures last night, like you taught me in this way-fun workshop. We plan to paint them tomorrow. They look great so far! Thanks again for a great day at Art Fest!

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