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colorful hand painted stairs

i warned you that i was going to keep going on and on about my hand painted stairs!  ha!
in reality… i needed to post them here on my new blog with my watermark and the quote reference.

the stairs lead from our living quarters to my home studio above the garage…
i thought this quote by john maxwell was quite appropriate for the location, and oh-so-true!

i painted them on 3/8″mdf  and then they were installed.

we used beat up oak for the treads so it would flow nicely into the studio space where we were able to use the salvaged oak floors from the original house.

here were a few of my inspirations…
1. stencil gallery  2. color between the lines  3. claudio paillalef  4. apartment therapy  5. style files
6. french by design  7. pinterest

Comments (19)

  1. Those are amazing stairs, great work, and I love that you even added the source of the quote on the stairs! I saw on Seth Apter’s blog that they’re in Somerset Studio, too!! 🙂

  2. A true inspiration and motivation to keep on climbing…I think I would walk up and down those stairs so many times a day just to feel accomplished! Beautiful work, never stop spreading smiles!

  3. This is awesome! We stripped the carpet off of our 5 flights of stairs (UGH) and the flight visible to the front door needs some help. They are all floating steps (remember the Brady Bunch house?) so the design would have to go under the steps. This inspires me to come up with a design.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Michelle, your stairs are amazing, beautiful and I want them ;-). As an artist myself, I know how many hours of work you put into these. I found your stairs on Pinterest, but had to do a little work to track them down to you (Grrrr, errant pinners.) I have re-attributed my pins to your website. Would you mind if I used one of your photos and of course linked back to your post in an article I’m writing on Painted Floors?

    Have a great week.

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