Apr 19 2012

Close2myART giveaway!

to celebrate ourΒ new blog and thank you for making the move with me- πŸ™‚

i’m giving away a…Β 

on our websiteΒ Close2myArt!


there are different 3 ways you can enterΒ (pick any or all!)

1. leave a comment on this post telling me what/if you have any summer plans.

2. share us with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment letting me know you did.

3. post our giveaway on your blog! (worth 3 entries!!) feel free to pull this image to use on your blog.
(and don’t forget to leave a comment so i know you did)

contest will close Monday, April 23rd.

there is no cash back on the shopping spree
international entries are welcome but you would be responsible for the postage

192 thoughts on “Close2myART giveaway!

  1. lots of stuff in the works! some art festivals in may and june, a family vacation to orlando- husband has 2 back to back work conferences and we’re tagging along! – in charge of crafts for Vacation Bible School, boyscout camps for the boys and some baseball, maybe some swimming lessons.
    thanks for the opportunity!

  2. we just got a regular weekly spot at a local farmers market – so summer will find creating me away to keep our booth filled with colorful & handmade creations. πŸ™‚

  3. Summer plans… gardening, reading, maybe a beach trip, time with my family, picnics, grilling dinner, eating outside, catching lightning bugs, pinching my petunias…

  4. I live in Vacationland (Maine) so for me, summer is all about getting to the Coast and taking as many photos and walking through the surf as much as possible!

  5. Strapping my boys into the car and off we go to Cheyenne Wyoming, to visit my dearest friend! of course with as much sight seeing and pictures I can take along the way!

  6. I am going to continue to explore my own art, and dragging my friends around to craft fairs, coffee shops and garage sales ;D, can’t wait!

  7. Waiting for the birth of my second grandchild. I take care of my first grandchild while mom and dad work, so I be taking a vacation while mommmy is on maternity leave. Hopefully spending 2 weeks in North Carolina. Then back to being granny nanny.

  8. Summer plans include… Baseball, baseball and more baseball! My four boys play on three different teams and my husband coaches our 10 year olds competitive team. We begin traveling this weekend and won’t be home for a weekend until after the fourth of july. My other boys will have games throughout the week along with all four going to practices also…I do have to say I LOVE it though, even if we do pass ourselves coming and going! Wish I could say we relax after that, but football starts the middle of July!

  9. Planning to have you come up for a visit… Oh, and working, beach days with the family, time for art – just living the good life! Congrats on the NEW blog… It looks FANTASTIC…

  10. Well here in Argentina is already autumn, but I plan to go to the river everytime I can. The river is sooo nice in autumn with the yellows and browns… so inspiring…please please please pick me!!! You know I love your work!!! πŸ™‚

  11. I plan on shopping your website with my winnings, LOL I’m also going to Phoenix cuz I like it HOTTER than Texas, hehe.

    Shared on FB too.

  12. Hoping to take a road trip to Portland OR this summer, the city, Cannon Beach, and all the sites!

  13. Last year I went to an art retreat while my sister had surgery to fuse her vertebrae. I enjoyed my retreat but couldn’t completely focus because I was worried about my sister. This year, I intend to go to the retreat again-all family members are healthy, so I can really have a good time!

  14. Well my summer plans is to work work work at Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course with my husband and my kids. Going to road trip to take Mackenzie to Montana State in the fall. It will be a said day.

  15. Summer is my time to regroup. I am a teacher, so I need the time to get myself ready for the next year. I plan to travel, organize, plan, rest, read, and whatever else strikes my fancy! πŸ™‚

  16. Yard work, playing with my fur babies, yard work, playing with my fur babies, and so on!

  17. My plan for this summer is to go to the Leadership Hands and Voices Conference in Hood River, Oregon for a few days.

    We plan to take a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge this summer.

    We’d like to go out for a bike ride. That reminds me that I need to purchase a bike!

    In addition, I shared your giveaway via FB…https://www.facebook.com/dinamarielc and also shared it on my personal blog shown above.

    Love your artwork! Keep up good work! : )

  18. Your giveaway is fabulous! I shared this on both my blog and on facebook. I’m moving into a new home this summer and would love to win something to celebrate with!

  19. Building a house, hoping to move in by mid to end of the summer, Lord willing!
    Will swim and pack in the mean time πŸ™‚

  20. My summer plans include an internship studying domesticity in Pennsylvania German culture, along with my usual knitting, crocheting and seeing escapades!

  21. Summer plans? Grandchildren visiting, which we absolutely cannot wait for. I guess instead of dreaming of lucious white sandy beaches, I will be dreaming of mounds and mounds of laundry, and dishes……and I would not have it any other way!

  22. Summer plans, I’m preparing my gallery as well as getting ready for my one year (first year in college) move to BELGIUM! I’m also going to Mexico πŸ™‚

    BTW, I shared on FB!

  23. Summer plans – hhhhmmmmm, buy a camper and go camping!!! =)
    Go fishing in a canoe and hopefully this fall go to Portland – got any good suggestions for resorts or B&B’s?

    I’ve been checking to see if you have the soap spitters – are they available yet?

  24. I am taking classes at our state quilt show in June—can’t wait….I am walking, gardening, training my dog…sitting outside..Listening to the rain…isn’t it wonderful…

  25. Yey for giveaways!! Summer plan… is to look for a job! Haha just graduated college and I need to get my game on! Hope I do well! Great new look!

  26. The only summer plans I have are to catch up on all of the art classes that I signed up for! Girl, I love love love your work!

  27. Hi Michelle! Great giveaway!!! Oooh, I’d love to win and buy your new cupcake clock. It’s wonderful! My daughter bakes cupcakes and sells them at our local farmer’s market. I just made her a cake/cupcake quilt for her booth! My summer plans include possibly making a trip to San Antonio, TX, to visit friends. Otherwise, farmer’s market is every Saturday from now until Thanksgiving! We’ll be busy!

  28. Oh boy.. I want to win!! I don’t have any summer plans yet but I am sure I can find some trouble to get into πŸ˜‰ Hopefully it will involve lots of art!!!

  29. Dear Close2myart people,
    i would love to win this shopping spree because the products remind me of some close friends of mine that used to ride bicycles with me! those are good memories. as for what i’ll be doing this summer, i will be conducting a two-week science backpacking course; the first week at mt st helens and the second week in the olympics. i’m doing this to avoid riding my bike too much. i’m learning from my friends…but all said in good humor!

  30. We have our end-of-summer camping trip planned, but not the rest. We are waiting to see if our son will be spending the summer working at camp or not. Then we will work out our schedule. I am looking forward to a relaxed summer schedule!

  31. Oh my goodness those clocks are awesome!

    No plans for the summer. I think it’s going to be a quiet one.

  32. Hmm… summer plans? Hopefully find a job… and run my boys around to their activities… and participate in a Ren Faire with the boys, as actors, and other than that? Maybe a weekend at a christian music festival and the norm, hammock, gardening, beach, rummage sales… that’s about it! What are your summer plans Michelle?

  33. Oh, my plans this summer are to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday and my 5th wedding anniversary! Also to do as many touristy things around Nashville before we make the move to TX in the fall.

  34. I forgot to mention summer plans: a family trip with my husband’s side of the family to Wisconsin Dells. That means a lot of cousins and a lot of water slides, but we’re pretty excited!

  35. My summer plans are a trip to see friends in California and hopefully slowing down and enjoying life a little.

  36. OMG! I *NEED* that back Lab soap dispenser! I HAVE a beautiful black Lab. I’d fill it with his dog shampoo.

    Anyway, my summer plans are to go to Whistler to take an in person photography class.

  37. My summer plans are to get my art on with my daughter who is returning from college. Looking forward to her teaching me stained glass πŸ™‚

  38. What a generous giveaway Michelle! This summer includes, loads of arting around! A staycation visiting festivals, beaches and little shops filled with inspiration and music! What ever I do will be filled with joy!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!
    I will share your contest on my blog!

    Hugs Giggles

  39. Hopefully I posted this correctly! Love your designs and would love to own a clock. My summer plans include retiring from teaching! Woo hoo!!

  40. Hummmmm summer plans…..I plan to have lots of days warming in the sun and playing in the waters of the Italian coastline!!! I am hoping to get to the Island of Capri this summer and maybe seek a trip in to Greece. I also want to take some photograph classes and explore my artsy side!!

    I’m Facebooking this as well for all my friends to see!!!

  41. Moving house this summer!!! Hoping our home is as loving, nurturing and inspirational as yours.

  42. Hey Michelle! I’d like to win your giveaway this time ’cause here in Scotland I can’t visit you to buy an’ it makes me sad!! πŸ™ Take pity on me an’ let me win!! Hahahaha! Love your cat stuff….anythin’ “cat” will do me! πŸ™‚ I’m not doin’ anythin’ interestin’ for ma summer….mainly ’cause I’m borin’!! Hahahaha! LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!! Pretty please??????

  43. Good morning! I shared the good news on Facebook with my tons of friends over there πŸ˜‰
    For the summer I plan on doing all the things I have in my little-book -of-good-ideas-to-do-when-I-have-time….
    And fill half an island with small copper coins. (and IΒ΄m not even joking)

  44. I would LOVE to win ANYTHING off your website! Your work would fit in perfectly with my office which I decorate with This Thing Called Family. I plan to spend my summer trying not to work as much and spending more time with my two kids. We already have lots of plans to do together.

  45. Summer plans:
    Play with grandkids
    and go to Cleve., Ohio to watch the Cleveland Indians play the Boston Red Sox. Woot!!
    Great giveaway!

  46. I love everything you do! I first saw your art work in a little art shop in Ogunquit Maine and ever since then I have been a huge fan. I bought a cuckoo clock which I just adore as does everyone who walks into my living room. This summmer I plan on buying some of your frames with the tiny wings on them and set up a little picture wall. You are an inspiration. Thank you very much for your creativity! I shared on facebook as well!!!

  47. I just got a full time job coming out of undergraduate at the library I’ve been working at for 3 years! In the fall, I’ll be attending UNC School of Library and Information Science! But for fun during the summer I’m going to Maine and New Hampshire for a couple weeks with friends.

  48. I facebooked it, tweeted it AND posted it to my blog!

    My summer plans –
    I just moved into my mom’s house to become her full time caregiver. She suffers from advanced emphysema. Her house has been neglected and so I will be spending my summer cleaning, redecorating and repairing the house!

  49. This summer I’m going to travel to visit family and work on craft projects and some seasonal cooking.

    I just adore your work!

  50. This summer I’ll be helping a friend plan her wedding!! and I’ll be in my garden alot! I love your art! Thank you

  51. YAY for summer! This year is gonna be a crazy one for us because Jules graduates from High School. How in the world I got here I have no idea, but I’m enjoying the view. That’s thrown our usual vacation schedule off a tad this year, so Larry and I are escaping for 8 kid/family free days down in the mountains of Tennessee. Go us!

  52. My plans are to go to the fashion district in LA with my daughter. Long week filled with creativity. Can’t wait. Love your stuff. It is wonderful..

  53. Hip, hip… hooray a giveaway!!! :]
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    This summer, we will be preparing for the “big move” … yes we are leaving the State of California.

  54. This summer I hope to go camping! There are so many Lakes and rivers to hang out at in North Idaho. We have our “Allen” family reunion in Aug. @ the coast! Maybe we are related?…Summer is not complete until I make sun tea, plant flowers, and stare into the sky on a warm clear night.

  55. I am going to be working this summer for BG Community Education and hopefully moving into my new house. I miss seeing my Allen family.

  56. I can’t wait for summer! Besides just the typical lazy days, pool time, bike rides, visiting the beach… we are going camping in Mammoth. The best part though is that we are going with family and meeting my brother & sis in law there. They live in Oregon too and we don’t see them often enough. πŸ™‚ Thank you for a chance to win!!

  57. A giveaway??! Eeeeeeeeeee!! Ok, I’ll post it on my blog over the weekend, as well! So exciting! Summer plans….getting a daughter graduated at the end of May, a trip to Universal Studios in June, a couple of art shows in Mentone, AL, lots of work getting ready for Art Is You in Petaluma in the fall. Summers go by in a snap! xoxo

  58. I love your new blog.
    As far as “summer” plans – will probably enjoy the grandkids being off of school and having them hang out at Nana’s house.

  59. Summer Plans include retiring after 40 plus years of working to be more involved in my art. Visit Seattle and at the end of summer go to Orvieto Italy to participate in an art retreat with the Huskampf. A summer of Art, I love it.

  60. My summer will start with my first every half Ironman….I’m hoping it won’t be my last either! Then whatever will get us out in the sun as a family we will be doing. Whether it is hiking, fishing, camping or cycling. What are you doing this summer?

  61. LOVE your blog! Especially love your handpainted stairs! I live in Mexico…the land where nothing clashes and color abounds…need to find some stairs! This summer I’m off to N. Carolina to visit my kids and for a family reunion and back to Mexico to create art and make jewelry.

  62. Summer plans: going to a wedding in half moon bay, ca and Camp Masala (Indian heritage camp with my kids).

  63. Thanks for the great giveaway, Michelle!
    My summer plans: #1-Attend my middle son’s wedding June 23rd. #2-Soak up vitamin D. #3-Read Queen of America. #4, ,5, 6, etc.-Create, create, create! πŸ™‚

  64. This summer, I plan to work in my gardens and hopefully spend time in glorious northern Michigan (my idea of paradise).
    Ps-love your colorful goodies!

  65. So cool of you to have a give-away! I don’t have any big plans for summer – hoping to relax when I am not working, and spend time with family! πŸ™‚

  66. I haven’t visited your blog for some time and am catching up. I wanted to say how I love the banner of your new blog, the colour combo is great and the drawings so you! Summer plans? I am thinking of spendaing some days somewhere near the sea with my younger sister and her daughter and for the rest of the time, stay at home and create as much as I can! Since I am a teacher in France I am lucky to have nearly two months summer holidays. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. Summer Winter Spring, my plans always include papercrafting! I love your work, am a fan and consumer!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I posted to FB and my blog (!!).

  68. Love your stuff! My 14yr old son & I just spent the past 1/2hr or so browsing thru the site. Shared you with my FB friends πŸ™‚

  69. <3 the creativity!! I want everything!! πŸ™‚
    I will spend most of this summer working.. But intend on sneaking in a vacation to the beach for some much needed relaxation!

  70. I really had no summer plans yet but whatever they were, they were curbed with my collapsed lung last week. Time will tell. This could give me some good creation time!

  71. I just love your art and your new blog! I shared it on Facebook. I’m really loving that mixer clock…I have just the spot for it…;0)

    We just booked a cruise to Mexico, Belize and Honduras and it seems so exotic…howler monkeys, Mayan ruins, orange iguanas…lots of good artistic fodder and fabulous family fun (I hope!)

  72. My plans for the summer are to start running again! Take an amazing vacation to Minnesota and enjoy more time outside – can’t wait till the nice weather gets here!

  73. Liked and shared on Facebook. For summer…looking forward to starting projects & spending time with family & friends. Love your art!

  74. summer plans include MAKING ART, naps, books, hikes, family visiting, alcohol, chores & lesson plans. i am a teacher. can you tell?
    <3 your stuff!

  75. Besides looking for a new house to buy, I plan to spend the summer working with my new Corgi on his learning how to be a real people dog. He was part of a show kennel and until now, never had just one person to love and fuss over him. Both projects should be fun!

  76. Michelle,

    First off — congrats on launching your new blog. I am so excited to have a chance to win a gift card to your store!!!

    Secondly — woo hoo! You are a ROCK STAR! I just bought the Somerset Studio “The Art of Paper and Mixed Media” and there you are — with your very cool stairs!!!! Hmm, I think I saw the stairs that inspired yours on pinterest too!!! Love yours – the quote – the colors! I also loved reading a bit about how you got started. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. That you chose to drop out of college — for graphic arts — return the books and buy that one book that caught your eye! I just love reading stories like yours. It’s in your blood isn’t it.

    Yes, you, a rock star!!

    I’m going to do the FB thing and add a link to your giveaway on my sidebar at http://505whimsygirl.blogspot.com


  77. Oops, forgot about my summer plans – I was so excited!

    Two friends having babies – and one might be on my birthday……

    Then the not so fun. Friend struggling with cancer. Road trip to Colorado to visit.


  78. Lots of bike rides and eating ice cream with my kiddos! Love your blog and your art is so inspiring!!

  79. Love this site! I just saw the article in Somerset Studio. Gorgeous. I saw you last year at Artfest. I wanted to go this year but am going through cancer treatments. I hope to take your classes someday.

  80. We are going on our first family vacation! Our lil’ Macy has food allergies, so this will take a lot of planning and packing but it’s time for momma to break thru my fears and give Macy (and our family) this experience. Not going too far and just for two days…but my heart is over-the-moon with excitement that we’re finally doing this. She’ll head to kindergarten this fall with great summertime memories. πŸ™‚

  81. Now I have posted a link to this blog and giveaway on my blog…creationconversation.blogspot.com.
    Also, my plans for the summer include getting strong enough to go on a cruise to Alaska. I want to see the whales!

  82. I’m taking an embroidery class this summer that I’m pretty excited about, other than that no plans yet.

    I also did #3, posted a link on my blog. I’d love to win! Nice giveaway Michelle!

  83. Going to visit my childhood friend……both in our 60s ( we are just young and wild) and when we get together (at least once a year) we never run out of things to talk about and giggle…sometimes a few tears, but at least once in our adventure we get lost or in trouble….
    Posted your give-away on my blog
    this is such a fantastic giveaway……have my fingers crossed and once I finish typing, will cross my eyes too………

  84. We are taking a family camping trip. We had to cancel last years due to unforeseen issues but we are looking forward to it this year.

  85. This summer, my plan is to finally beat my illness and live all the things I have been longing to accomplish… πŸ™‚

  86. Woo hoo Michelle! Deelightful as ever! This summer I’m hoping to inspire a lot of creativity in a bunch of 5th graders, doing lots of arting, selling at the Lake Oswego Art Fair, riding my power assist cruiser, dancing in the sun!

    xoxo lulu

  87. Hi!!! just wanted to say again how much I love the clocks; I still continue to gift them. now the peakcock is coming so I have to get it for my sister asap. This summer… well: classes for my DNP program (doctorate of nursing practice), kids will be home so yeah!! πŸ™‚ camping and pool. thats about it. thanks again for making such great stuff. love them!!!! Dawn

  88. summer plans, enjoy the warmth of a Michigan summer…..we treasure these few months….we are talking about taking a drive out West and stopping at Yosemite, driving up thePacific Coast Hiway and seeubg other places of beauty and interest!

  89. My summer plans are to head to my fav quiet beachside spot. Nothing to do but walk on the beach, sit on the balcony and sip a wine. Basically, do nothing for 2 weeks.

  90. This summer I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my hubby!! And also driving him nuts with my “arty things” as he calls them πŸ™‚ hehehe

  91. Summer holidays in France with our 1 year old, his first time to the beach, looking forward to all the excitement ! Your art is so inspiring, love it !

  92. Our summer plans are to take a few mini vacations together. One to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Giong to the beach and Port Townsend Wa.

  93. Hope it’s not too late to beincluded in the giveaway! My plans are to go to a quiet cabin with my family, 4 kids and husband, and swim, hike, sketch and RELAX!

  94. Art, road trips to flea markets, visiting far away family, organizing our garage into a “messy art space”, spending time with friends and just plain enjoying life. πŸ™‚

  95. This summer we’re wandering out of the midwest to take the kids to NYC…a first for us! Looking forward to Lady Liberty and the 911 Memorial.

  96. Hi Michelle!!! I hope to move to the dream house I found out in the country. I just happened to stumble upon it while out looking at open houses. I fell in love at first sight. If I can sell the house I’m in now, I’ll move, garden, decorate, set up my studio and hopefully get chickens! (and maybe bees!!!)

  97. Well, for summer I hope cook out more often and see some cool fire works and eat a popcicle or 2. I work at Teleflora and just hope to get thru Mother’s Day in one piece. We have a ton of orders going on and I am going to be working facebook and twitter duty helping people with complaints… Hope you have a happy Mother’s day! Love your blog and art! I adore the mixer clock! I plan to buy it someday and the love first artwork! Happy Mother’s Day!~ Brenda Myers

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