Mar 14 2017

Art Journal Pages

My very good ART-ing friend, Janne, recently visited from Norway and while she here she inspired me to make a new journal. And I’m so glad I did! It feels so good to slap some paint down without any inhibitions or expectations. To experiment and play. To write down random thoughts and words. To collage in little scraps of doodles I’ve been piling up not knowing what to do with them. Below are the pages I have done so far in my new book.

art-journal-pages-2017-b art-journal-pages-2017

Feb 15 2017

my 16 year old clock designer

My youngest daughter has been talking about designing her own clock for years. This past fall she made that talk/dream come true. She came up with the subject matter, color scheme and design all on her own.


This is one happy girl, and so she should be. It’s already proven to be a winner.


“It has been pretty fun and exciting to watch my own ideas and design turn into a beautiful, finished product, just like what my mom has been doing my whole life. I hope to follow in her footsteps somehow by owning my own business and this has been a great way to see what it will be like.” – Jess


We’re still in negotiations over pay/royalty rate. I keep reminding her that we are feeding her and housing her. She’s not sure that’s enough. 😉

allen-designs-sunflower-clockBee Sunny‘ Sunflower Pendulum Clock by Allen Designs


Nov 3 2016

Local Portland/Vancouver Peeps!!!

Our 16th Annual Studio Sale is right around the corner and we are busy, busy, busy gearing up and getting excited! SO many good deals this year! 

I created my first stop-motion video to go along with the holiday cheer and it was super fun! I can’t wait to do more of them. 


If you’re not local, not to fear, we’ll be sending out a few special deals via our newsletter! So be sure to sign up if you’re not already!

Sep 20 2016

Is Journaling for You?

Five ways to ignite the passion to journal

Journaling does not need to conjure a yawn or a chore-like feeling. While it is true that some journaling lovers fill many journals in all shapes and sizes with deep thoughts, personal experiences, emotions, challenges, illustrations, ideas — and just about anything else that springs to mind – journaling can take a simpler position in your life too. Anything goes in a journal. And the freedom to express with no rules and personal abandon can spark a journaling habit that also invites a sense of joy, peace, and fun.

Journaling invites relaxation and the chance to relish being uninhibited. There is zero pressure to create a masterpiece. A journal can be long, short, sloppy, or neat, and just filled with everything that is you. You can share it with others or keep it private. You can write daily, monthly, or yearly. There is no right or wrong way to journal. The trick is to get started – to give it a try – and see where journaling takes you. You might just find yourself filling book after book!


The following five suggestions are easy ways start your journaling engine:

  • Choose a journal design that resonates with you. When you feel connected to the image and texture on your journal, it feels like a friend and an inviting space to just let go and relax. You can also consider the binding, and whether you want lined or unlined paper. Unlined paper works well for visual journaling to jot down pattern ideas, sketch, or play with color combinations. Lined paper could work well for creating lists – all sorts of lists – including goal lists, love lists, need lists, want lists, done lists, favorite lists, and why to make lists in the first place lists.
  • Journals are great reference tools. Just store ideas, notes, writings, inspirations, experiments, and doodles in your journal. The journal will become a useful reference for you should you need motivation or juicy new project ideas.
  • Use the journal as a creative portal. Dedicate your journal as a tool to frame things you might want to paste, adhere, or staple. These nifty items could include fun quotes, pictures, post cards, ticket stubs, business cards, and places you have seen and experienced. This type of journaling could even provide a bit of interactive paper therapy since it encourages textures and tangible items that will trigger memories, different emotional responses and feelings, possible solutions, or cool new ideas.
  • Journals give voice to your personal history. Document moments and life events that left strong impacts or impressions. This can also reveal interesting life patterns.
  • Journals provide a safe haven to just be. Your journal is a place to focus, express your innermost thoughts, and weigh pros and cons. A journal can go anywhere you do. And a journal will never judge – it only gives.



Shopper Bag Giveaway!

Lately I’ve been dreaming of traveling and all the places I want to visit. So for this giveaway, I’d love to know your thoughts on this subject! And speaking of traveling and shopper bags… I always pack one of these handy gems folded up in my suitcase just incase I have more to bring back with me than what I went with. Works like a charm, you need one, so don’t miss out and enter to win!!! 🙂 



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